Privacy information

§8 Data Protection

The issuer of the order has been briefed by the Amstaff Wear GmbH on the kind, volume, place and purpose of collection, handling and use of personal data required for order management, registration for e-mail services. The issuer of the order expressly agrees on data collection, handling and use of personal data. The authority responsible for data collection is the Amstaff Wear GmbH, Großbeerenstraße 169-171, 12277 Berlin. Please direct Your questions regarding collection, handling or use of personal data, correction, cancellation or erasure of data to: Amstaff Wear GmbH, Großbeerenstraße 169-171, 12277 Berlin. Tel:030 32592914 , Fax: 030 32592913, or to

(1) Storage and Handling of Personal Data
The Amstaff Wear GmbH commits to confidential handling of customer‘s personal data and privacy protection. Legal regulation can be found in the valid law, i.e. Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) and Informations- und Kommunikationsdienstegesetz (IuKDG). Personal data received from You will be stored. You keep the right to require free information, correction, cancellation and erasure of Your stored personal data at any time. Please turn to or send us Your requisition by post or fax to 030 32592913.

(2) Use of Personal Data
We will use the collected personal data for contract fulfillment purposes. We will store these data according to tax law (i.e. for customer data base, invoices towards the tax authorities). We also desire to inform You per e-mail about selected offers, which might be of interest. You keep the right to withdraw the use of Your e-mail for advertising purposes.

(3) Circulation of Data
The Amstaff Wear GmbH does not provide personal data to third parties. Exceptions are our distribution partners (i.e. DHL), we provide data necessary for successful delivery to them.

(4) Security Measures in order to Avoid Loss and Misuse of Personal Data
We use encryption technology for transmission of personal information / data in order to provide maximum security. Your personal data are protected by a password, so only You have the access to them. Our servers use different safety mechanisms and authorisation procedures in order to prevent unauthorized data access.

(5) Use of Permanent Cookies
We use cookies on different sites in order to make Your visit to our website attractive and enable particular functions. In this connection small text pieces will be deposited on Your computer. Most of the cookies used by our website will be deleted after closing you’re your web-browser (so called “session cookies”). Other cookies remain on Your computer and enable the recognition of Your computer at our website (so called “permanent cookies”). Our business partners are not allowed to collect, handle or use personal data by placing cookies on our website.

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